Your Central Vacuum Experts in Maryland and Delaware

When it comes to central vacuum systems, no one has more experience or familiarity with products and service than Tom Dodge Central Vac LLC. We have decades of hands-on expertise behind us, which means being able to help existing and prospective customers get the most out of a central vacuum installation in Maryland and surrounding areas.

Services We Provide

vacuumsFirst and foremost, we sell and installs central vacuum systems in a wide range of capacities. From small, single-family homes to commercial businesses and beyond, our experience with central vacuum sales in Maryland and surrounding areas knows no bounds. We’re ready to help you make an investment in a system that will serve you diligently for years.

In addition to selling vacuum systems, we can also service or repair any brand of central vacuum system you might already own—whether you purchased it from us or not! Because we provide customers with central vacuum repair in Maryland and surrounding areas, they’ll never have to deal with maintenance, factory technicians or any runaround. When something isn’t working properly, give us a call and we’ll take care of it!

Central Vac Products

As the leading dealer of central vacuum systems and accessories in Maryland and surrounding areas, we’re proud to offer customers a tremendous selection of options to fit their unique home and lifestyle needs. Some of the systems we sell include:

HAH RapidFlex BK TurboCat 1

  • Central vacuum units with and without disposable bags.

    Though we offer both varieties, typically disposable bag systems are more popular due to their convenience and ease of upkeep.

  • Hose management systems like the Hide-a-Hose.

    Hide-a-Hose is a popular convenience because it enables central vac owners to have various inlets throughout their home that go unnoticed. When you want to use your central vac system, you simply pull out the hose, vacuum and place it back into the wall!

  • Quick-clean units like the Vroom and Wallyflex systems.

    These units fit neatly into cabinets and are easily activated by simply lifting the handle of the hose. Vacuuming can be accomplished in seconds and everything is quickly packed away again when you’re done. We offer Spot by Vroom, which is an inside-the-wall unit, as well as WallyFlex, which is an outside-the-wall unit.

In addition to the central vacuum systems themselves, we also offer customers a wide range of accessories that enable them to get the most out of their investment in a central system. Some of our most popular accessories include:

For more information about any of the central vacuum products we offer or to inquire about our capabilities when it comes to service and maintenance for your unit, please call us today at 410-924-3334.